How to confirm destructive actions

Recently, I saw an example of asking for confirmation for a destructive action that I really liked. However, it's a bit controversial, so I wanted to post this and explain my thoughts.
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Modals and user experience

Modals are very popular nowadays. But sometimes you need to think twice before using them. Even though they seem easy and flexible, there are quite a few disadvantages to using modals.
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Validate it. The right way.

Forms are essential parts of any user interface. They differ from a single input and a button, ending with huge complex forms containing multiple sections. The validation process often accompanies forms. For developers, it might be clear how the form should be filled. But remember that there are so
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Vertical vs horizontal navigation

One of the first questions that you will ask yourself when building a new web application is what type of navigation to use. There are some pros and cons of using different types of navigation.
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What is Optimistic UI?

There is an approach that can make your interface react instantly fast. Its called "Optimistic UI". Its not suitable for every application but sometimes it's quite useful.
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The stupidest validation rules

I've been developing user interfaces for over 10 years, and almost in every project, my customers asked to put some validation on an input that didn't make sense.
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How to design almost any UI element

Recently I posted on Twitter a list of 58 links about designing different UI elements. It turned out that the tweet was very helpful. So I decided to drop the link collection here as well. Here is the list in a readable format.
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